Monuments of Egypt That Nobody Should Miss

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A mystical country at the top of every travelers destination list is Egypt. It houses the greatest monuments on earth. Its temples and pyramids are world famous and they have intrigued the human race for centuries.

While visiting this ancient city, you can imagine being back in the time of the Pharaohs. People still dress traditionally wearing their headscarfs and bedouin wraps. Call to prayer can be heard 5 times a day.  There is a strong sense of tradition in the land and you feel as if you are frozen in time. Visiting the great pyramids lets you imagine exactly what life would have been like thousands of years ago.

It is impossible to understand how the Pyramids of Giza have survived over 4000 years. The desert, looters and all of the elements that Mother Nature can throw at them will not destroy these ancient structures. To see these giants standing proud over the land, you wonder in awe how they could have possibly be built by human hands. Take a camel to see the grounds and imagine that you are an ancient Pharaoh coming across these great monuments for the first time. What would it have felt like then?

Another must see destination in Egypt is the Valley of the Kings. Located in Southern Egypt near the city of Luxor, a great valley houses 63 chambers of great kings. The most famous is King Tuts tomb, but there are many more to explore.

Make sure to conceal your camera, as it will be confiscated at the gate. Many people manage to smuggle their cameras into the grounds anyway, just be respectful of not taking photos inside the tombs. They will be taken away for sure as there are guards watching everything.

King Tuts tomb may be the most famous but it is hardly the most impressive. There are only a limited number of tombs open and one time and some of the other tombs are far more interesting of a visit. Rameses IV and Merneptah are two that are interesting. Mernaptah is located in a deep chamber and the walk down and up is steep. Rameses is large and very well preserved. Bright paintings on the walls depict scenes from various scriptures.

The large size and bright colours make you feel comfortable and the fact the they don't contain any sarcophagi anymore keeps it from becoming and eerie experience.  You also won't find any jewels or hidden treasures here, they have been either looted or excavated. If you want to see most of Egypt's treasures, you will find them at the Antiquities Museum in Cairo.

Don't miss visiting the Hatshepsut's Temple nearby. Another must see destination in Egypt, it is a temple made for one of Egypt's most successful Pharaohs. What is so interesting about this temple is that it was made for a female king. It is amazing to see that Egypt was ruled by a woman for 21 years, in 1479 BC!

Built in harmony into the side of a cliff, Hatsheput's Temple is considered to be the most dramatically situated temple on earth. Three tiers lead to the main grounds where statues and pillars create a labyrinth to explore.

In 1997 a tragic event took place where 60 tourists were killed at the temple. After over a decade of time, things have returned back to normal. You hardly notice that such an event took place, however the armed guards are a reminder of unpleasant times.

Back in the town of Luxor you can find a great temple within footsteps of your hotel. Located in the heart of the city it is an impressive monument. Make sure to visit it at night for awesome photo opportunities as they are lit up for viewing. There are many shops and restaurants located across the street from the temple all with great views of the square out front where children play football.

Located almost at the border of the Sudan stands the last great ruin of Egypt, Abu Simbel. Luckily it was saved from being submerged under water in the 1960's due to a great undertaking of relocating it piece by piece.  When the Aswan Dam was constructed it flooded the entire area and everything in its way. The government of Egypt would not let one of its national treasures be lost, so it was moved to higher ground.

They are now safe and sound and ready for your viewing. Four 20-metre statues representing Rameses II stand guard over the banks of the lake.  Built around 1265 BC, three of the statues are still in relatively good shape. You can take a tour from Luxor to see these temples up close and personal, it is well worth the 280km travel from Luxor. Next to the pyramids, they are one of the most recognizable images of Egypt.

Egypt is a destination that everyone must make time to visit. It is one of the most ancient locations on earth.  Filled with grand temples and monuments, blessed with the Nile River and alive with energy and excitement it has something for every explorer to see.

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Monuments of Egypt That Nobody Should Miss

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