Experience Shopping and Fast Food in Egypt

in Egypt

Whenever you go to Egypt or anywhere else in the world, you all go shopping, which could take hours, even the whole day. You can shop for many things in Egypt, from souvenirs and little antiques to things that you have tried and enjoyed in Egypt or that you want to share with your loved people. Egyptian food is an example. During your stay here, you can experience different kinds of special recipes, fully enjoy your experience and even when you return home, you'll dig for more Egyptian recipes to try.

Everywhere you go in Egypt you will find a place to shop. So you don't have to make a special trip on one of your days that you are spending in Egypt just to go to mall that is far away, unless you if you want to get a huge variety of things.

Of course if you are spending the day out shopping, you will get hungry at some point, right? You would usually go to a fast food restaurant and have burgers and fries to shut that hunger down. Well, in Egypt, it's a little bit different, you will still get hungry and all, but what I mean is that the fast food is different! You would still be able to have burgers and fries if you want, but if you want to live it like Egyptian, you got to try the Egyptian fast food.

Falafel and Foul is a very common fast food and usually eaten for breakfast. There is also Koshari which is a mix of macaroni, lentils, rice, and some other ingredients that when combined all together makes it wonderful, and there are a lot of restaurants that just specialize in making Koshari.

Almost all the tourists or Egypt visitors simply fall in love with the Egyptian food. For all what it has! Tasty, authentic, delicious, and healthy. Almost all of them, the tourists or Egypt visitors, start digging for recipes of these dishes that they have tried, because they are truly and deeply in love with it and they would strongly like to share it with their friends, their family and their loved ones back home, to share the magnificent taste and the wonderful experience they had in Egypt.

They start digging by asking the waiters in the restaurants they had these meals at then by asking native people, and then they look for the best Egyptian recipes book that can give them all they want. Of course not all tourists buy Egyptian recipes book, some just tend to try online recipes, and that is kind of not guaranteed if you are not a 100% sure of the website and if they have the real authentic Egyptian recipe that you are looking for.

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Visit Egypt and shop for gifts and souvenirs for your friends and family. Share your experience by showing them pictures and by making them the Egyptian recipe that you enjoyed the most during your stay, may be try and cook a tasty Egyptian Koshari recipe. Search for more Egyptian recipes and relive the experience even from far, far away in your own home country.

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Experience Shopping and Fast Food in Egypt

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This article was published on 2010/10/08