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The Nile has been a major life line of Egypt. The flood plain of the Nile gives humans the opportunity to develop and build on a settled agricultural economy which is more sophisticated and is built on a central kind of society. Ancient Egyptian Civilization eventually became the most essential factor of most other civilizations to come.

In the period of the Pre dynasty, the climate here is much less hot then it is today. There were large parts of Egypt that were covered in savanna and there were many herd of what seemed like grazing ungulates. This region had quite a good amount of Foliage and fauna and these were more prolific in all the environs of the Nile region. There are large populations of waterfowls that this region makes prominent. Hunting seems to be something which is quite common for the Ancient Egyptian Civilization. This also happened during a period in which animals were first domesticated.

There were many tribes that live in the Nile valley in the year five thousand five hundred Bc. And because of this, the Nile Valley has developed into many cultures which demonstrate a firm control of agriculture and animal husbandry. You can even tell about this with the pottery and the many personal items. Items like combs, bracelets and beads were found here.

The Badari happens to be followed by the Amratian and the Gerzian cultures, these happened to show a number of technological improvements. In fact during the Gerzian times, there is evidence of contact with the Byblos coast and the Canaan coast as well.

When you reach the southern part of Egypt, you would come across the Naqada culture. This culture happens to be on the likes of Badari. These eventually began to expand along the Nile in the year four thousand BC.

Obsidian was imported into Egypt from Ethiopia. This was used to give shape to blades and many other objects from flakes. When you look at this over a period of about one thousand years, this is a culture which is developed from small farming communities. The Ancient Egyptian Civilization

Was a powerful civilization that had leaders who had complete control of its people. These used the resources of the Nile valley

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Ancient Egyptian Civilization : Information

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This article was published on 2010/12/18